The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades

The story continues

The door slides open with a woosh, but hangs jammed at the half way point. A guttural grunt erupts from the other side as a large green arm slams into the door, forcing it the rest of the way open. A hulking gammorran stomps into the room, dragging a vibro-ax along the floor.

“Master Rutt does not know of any protocol droids being ordered.”Seeg yells over the beasts shoulder. "Furthermore, he believes your party may have something to do with the jamming of our equipment.
As Seeg speaks, the Gammoran acts with agility the belies his size. Swinging his ax around, the handle catches myxini at his feet, sending the rodian to the floor. Before he can react, a large foot presses down on his chest locking him to the ground. As the air leave his lungs, myxini finds himself struggling to stay conscious. With his free hand Rutt snatches max by the collar and easily slams him into Taki, sending both sprawling.

As NE1 prepares to drop the beast with a tranq dart, he finds himself frozen. Behind him Seeg chuckles. “Restraining bolt for you. Wouldnt want you warning your friends. We’ll have your memory wiped soon enough. You’ll make a good translator droid, make my job so much easier.”
Max goes for blaster in his holster, but stops when he feels the edge of the vibro-ax rest on his wrist. Looking up he sees Rutt grinning. He knows what the Gammoran is thinking: one move and he’ll activate the vibro button on the ax, separating Max from his gun hand like a vibro blade though bantha dung.

With the situation fully under Rutts control Seeg speaks up. “Master Rutt kindly asks what business you truly have with him today? Truly?”

As the crap hits the fan…NE1 recalls having a holigram saved in his processor. “This may very well save my ass…He says to himself.” Master Rutt, I can appreciate your caution in this matter but I assure you there is no need to these extremes. As you know a droid such as myself does not have true a allegence…just a program to follow through. If you are in need of a droid, then once my message is given I can be used to your service. This man under your glorious foot is of no threat. His job is to assure my safety here. Since i am here, he is free to go to another business venture if you good sir would be so kind. As before when I spoke to Master Seeg, this message is for your eyes only and is case sensitive.

But for you to receive the message, the restraining bolt will have to be removed and if you would be so kind as to have all members of this party leave the room. A simple droid such as myself is of no threat to such an imposing being as yourself Master Rutt!!

We are the delivery boys.. we did our jobs…

Myxini knew there were only three options currently available to him. One stop fighting to stay conscious which would probably mean death. Second was to use the tranquilizer dart in his hidden dart gun in his left wrist bracer and hope the dart was loaded strong enough to drop the gammorian. Third option would be to use the spring loaded vibro blade hidden in the same wrist bracer and welcome the gammorian to the loss of his foot at the ankle much like the threat that had been leveled on Max by Rutt. Depending on what the result of the droids play, Myxini would be ready to adapt on the fly, but it was going to have to be quick before he passed out he knew. And at the same time the nagging thought in his head was those credits spent for the woolies new cybernetic arm may have been a waste considering Toka hadnt given much resistance to the gammorians

Seeg squints as tries to read the heroes. “Fine.” He says begudgingly. “Rusk, watch these conmen while I take our droid friend here into the other room and download his databanks.” Seeg wiggled the restraining bolt causing a momentary blip to appear across his eyescreens. Luckily, he can process images in the 112,000 bits/second range and it was just a matter of freezing the image and analyzing it through comparative pixelization. As the droid was shoved into the next room that was the equivalent to a droid torture chamber, he activated a video stream embedded in the picture. It was of Pash! He was wearing different clothing and an odd helmet, but it was definitely him. And he was walking down the hallway of this facility with several surly looking humans, Klatooians, and a Nikto. Is this why he didnt answer? NE1 had to let someone know!



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