The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades

Special delivery

A droid sentry on the back door, not the best way to start the day. “hey i got the replacement droid you ordered from snatch” Snatch was Maximus pawnshop slash fixer he had been working for as hired muscle for the last 6 months. As long as snatch stayed nervous and didn’t grow a back bone anytime soon this lie would hold. “JJWAGGUHHAATNNAWWWAA”. “Hey i’m just human here..let me get the droid and he can translate alright?” The mechanical eye blinked twice, guess that means yes. Activating his com-link “I need the droid here ASAP, or we are going to have a much bigger problem.” Lucky for all involved the wookie delivered the droid to max. 5 min, only 10 left before the patrol returned. “OK droid convince this thing that you and i are supposed to be here.”



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