The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades

Myxinis reply

When it became Myxini’s turn to agree to the job his response was as follows. “50,000 credits was good for a easy fast kill, but the real challenge would be to put Ruut in charge and bring back his continued support and alligeance to Teemo and that type o result should be easily worth 100,000 credits for each of us from Teemo. He would get a young strong gamorran in charge who was loyal to Teemo for their continued profits, but simply killing him would only insure that the old gamorran not long for this world will still be in charge and just lead to another strong upstart trying to replace him after we kill Rutt.”. What say you Majordomo wouldn’t Teemo be willing to part with some more credits for a longer lasting outcome? Oh and if we can pull that off then the wookie gets a full share himself to boot."



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