The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades


The doors of the inner sanctum of the space station opened with a creak and tear. The fat twi’lek sat up amazingly fast for his size, tossing the green skinned beauty who was on his lap to the floor. In the doorway stood an imposing figure. A red cloaked figure clad in robes and piecemeal armor with a helmet that looked more for show than effectiveness. The silk trappings underneath the cloak highlighted the softer side of her body but the lightsaber hanging from the belt belied a more sinister purpose. The red gave away that she was a personal guard for Darth Wrath.
“You’re late.” The voice behind the mask grated with a mechanical sound.
“How did you get in here?! There are 14 layers of the best security money can buy..” The old twi’lek seemed to be lost in thought calculating the cost. The female warrior seemed unimpressed as she pointed a single finger.
“You promised another working prototype, and you have failed.”
The shysters hands went up as if to protect his neck. “Hold on, hold on. Dont get your cape twisted. I got something better!”
Taking the lid off of a box hereforeto unseen, he waved the intruder closer, showing it off like a gameshow host.
“What is it?” She asked.
“No, no.” Chuckled the Twi’lek. “What ISN’T it?”
He backed up a step. “Do some of that force stuff.” He waved his hands like a magician. Before he could finish his bad charade, a red lightsaber was lit and at his throat. The glow of the saber highlighted the sweat on his brow. His hands went up in a submissive posture. “Easy Sparky. No offense meant. I forgot. Take one to your Master. He’ll know what its worth.” The crimson warrior collapsed the lightsaber and stowed it while directing two droids that had follwed her in to carry out the case.
She followed without a goodbye.
“Frakkin droids.” The fat twi’lek sat back down on his lounge where he was accompanied by several girls.



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