The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades


In my professional British voice, I proclaim to the “eye” who I am and my purpose. “Good Sir, I am protocol droid NE1469 and I was sent to speak with Master Rutt. I assumed that my visit here was pre-announced and the gentleman who are assisting me are to guarantee my safety for the great importance of this message. Please excuse them if they come off brash but their character is of great professionalism. I would greatly appreciate it if we come meet Master Rutt as soon as possible.”

Maximus’s commlink vibrated and came to life as Myxini reported hurry it up LT. 5 minutes and counting on the patrols return if were going to get inside we are gonna have to move it.

“Droids on it…just a couple more minutes.” Turning to the eye " ok how bout you explain to rutt that you felt it was more important to keep us out here baking and keeping him waiting. Im sure he is a very understanding kind of guy… not one to take a droid as yourself and make you into a bantha washer.. the back side."



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