The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades

Catching up...

Overwatch is still good at the moment. If this goes tits up then the wookie the bothan and I will be ready to deal with the patrol if needed, but let’s not take it to that point gentlemen.

Through our private com-link with Pash…“I have question Pash? Do you want me to assist the others in termination or are we continuing with original plan of resolution of this matter? I have a seditive premade and ready in my right hand for deployment if you so wish. You very well know I can not kill or harm but the use of a temporary sleeping agent is agreeable with my programing. Awaiting the terms Sir.”

The door churns to life, opening to reveal a dark tunnel that obviously doesnt get many visitors. Maximus and his new droid companion enter out of the sun and are met by a slovenly dressed Twi’lek.
“I heard what you SAID you were here for, but i dont see where you are expected…” Two Gamorreans can be seen to sidle up next to the droid from Myxinis nocs.

You are rutts majordomo?

I am Seeg, and I make sure Rutt isnt bothered.

Well someone here ordered a droid and i need to receive payment. See my boss got this droid off some hutt. Timmo… tuumma….

NE1469 turns to Seeg and says…“Good Sir, I…I mean we can truly appreciate you job and status here and we mean no disrespect. I would gladly relay the message to you but this good sir is of great important and is made for Master Rutts eyes only. I’m sure that a being of your stature can truly appreciate this situation and the gravity it entralls.”
Seegs eyes narrow. “Step into this room and wait. Ill fetch the master.” He slaps the wall and the pig guards shuffle you into a bland waiting room with a monitor on one wall.
Pash replies back to NE1469 through personal comm. “Knock Rutt out if you can, but don’t endanger yourself. Keep up with Myxinis, if he goes for the kill, get out of there.”

NE1469 enters the room. He sends another secret message to Pash on com- link. “I dont know about this Pash. My loyalties are to you because of your father and all he has done for me through out these years. If you feel we need to bail out then screw these guys….we’re gone! Im going to jam this monitor so he has to take us into his sanctum or he will come to us. What do you think?”

Pash was leaning back in the driver’s seat, relaxing and enjoying the quiet. NE1469 spoke across his comm again. Raising the near empty canteen above his head getting a few drops of water. “Sounds good, I’ll keep the engines running….” At that moment, reflections of movement on the shiny surface of the canteen gave away his would-be attackers, their opportunity to get the first hit.

NE1469 is noticing that Pash has not replied to his last com link. He begins to process to himself…“then the obvious choice is to take him alive and restore positive relationship with Master Rutt.” At this time, NE1469 begins the jamming process to interrupt the monitor. Satic begins to errupt from the speaker system….



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