The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades

The story continues

The door slides open with a woosh, but hangs jammed at the half way point. A guttural grunt erupts from the other side as a large green arm slams into the door, forcing it the rest of the way open. A hulking gammorran stomps into the room, dragging a vibro-ax along the floor.

“Master Rutt does not know of any protocol droids being ordered.”Seeg yells over the beasts shoulder. "Furthermore, he believes your party may have something to do with the jamming of our equipment.
As Seeg speaks, the Gammoran acts with agility the belies his size. Swinging his ax around, the handle catches myxini at his feet, sending the rodian to the floor. Before he can react, a large foot presses down on his chest locking him to the ground. As the air leave his lungs, myxini finds himself struggling to stay conscious. With his free hand Rutt snatches max by the collar and easily slams him into Taki, sending both sprawling.

As NE1 prepares to drop the beast with a tranq dart, he finds himself frozen. Behind him Seeg chuckles. “Restraining bolt for you. Wouldnt want you warning your friends. We’ll have your memory wiped soon enough. You’ll make a good translator droid, make my job so much easier.”
Max goes for blaster in his holster, but stops when he feels the edge of the vibro-ax rest on his wrist. Looking up he sees Rutt grinning. He knows what the Gammoran is thinking: one move and he’ll activate the vibro button on the ax, separating Max from his gun hand like a vibro blade though bantha dung.

With the situation fully under Rutts control Seeg speaks up. “Master Rutt kindly asks what business you truly have with him today? Truly?”

As the crap hits the fan…NE1 recalls having a holigram saved in his processor. “This may very well save my ass…He says to himself.” Master Rutt, I can appreciate your caution in this matter but I assure you there is no need to these extremes. As you know a droid such as myself does not have true a allegence…just a program to follow through. If you are in need of a droid, then once my message is given I can be used to your service. This man under your glorious foot is of no threat. His job is to assure my safety here. Since i am here, he is free to go to another business venture if you good sir would be so kind. As before when I spoke to Master Seeg, this message is for your eyes only and is case sensitive.

But for you to receive the message, the restraining bolt will have to be removed and if you would be so kind as to have all members of this party leave the room. A simple droid such as myself is of no threat to such an imposing being as yourself Master Rutt!!

We are the delivery boys.. we did our jobs…

Myxini knew there were only three options currently available to him. One stop fighting to stay conscious which would probably mean death. Second was to use the tranquilizer dart in his hidden dart gun in his left wrist bracer and hope the dart was loaded strong enough to drop the gammorian. Third option would be to use the spring loaded vibro blade hidden in the same wrist bracer and welcome the gammorian to the loss of his foot at the ankle much like the threat that had been leveled on Max by Rutt. Depending on what the result of the droids play, Myxini would be ready to adapt on the fly, but it was going to have to be quick before he passed out he knew. And at the same time the nagging thought in his head was those credits spent for the woolies new cybernetic arm may have been a waste considering Toka hadnt given much resistance to the gammorians

Seeg squints as tries to read the heroes. “Fine.” He says begudgingly. “Rusk, watch these conmen while I take our droid friend here into the other room and download his databanks.” Seeg wiggled the restraining bolt causing a momentary blip to appear across his eyescreens. Luckily, he can process images in the 112,000 bits/second range and it was just a matter of freezing the image and analyzing it through comparative pixelization. As the droid was shoved into the next room that was the equivalent to a droid torture chamber, he activated a video stream embedded in the picture. It was of Pash! He was wearing different clothing and an odd helmet, but it was definitely him. And he was walking down the hallway of this facility with several surly looking humans, Klatooians, and a Nikto. Is this why he didnt answer? NE1 had to let someone know!

Catching up...

Overwatch is still good at the moment. If this goes tits up then the wookie the bothan and I will be ready to deal with the patrol if needed, but let’s not take it to that point gentlemen.

Through our private com-link with Pash…“I have question Pash? Do you want me to assist the others in termination or are we continuing with original plan of resolution of this matter? I have a seditive premade and ready in my right hand for deployment if you so wish. You very well know I can not kill or harm but the use of a temporary sleeping agent is agreeable with my programing. Awaiting the terms Sir.”

The door churns to life, opening to reveal a dark tunnel that obviously doesnt get many visitors. Maximus and his new droid companion enter out of the sun and are met by a slovenly dressed Twi’lek.
“I heard what you SAID you were here for, but i dont see where you are expected…” Two Gamorreans can be seen to sidle up next to the droid from Myxinis nocs.

You are rutts majordomo?

I am Seeg, and I make sure Rutt isnt bothered.

Well someone here ordered a droid and i need to receive payment. See my boss got this droid off some hutt. Timmo… tuumma….

NE1469 turns to Seeg and says…“Good Sir, I…I mean we can truly appreciate you job and status here and we mean no disrespect. I would gladly relay the message to you but this good sir is of great important and is made for Master Rutts eyes only. I’m sure that a being of your stature can truly appreciate this situation and the gravity it entralls.”
Seegs eyes narrow. “Step into this room and wait. Ill fetch the master.” He slaps the wall and the pig guards shuffle you into a bland waiting room with a monitor on one wall.
Pash replies back to NE1469 through personal comm. “Knock Rutt out if you can, but don’t endanger yourself. Keep up with Myxinis, if he goes for the kill, get out of there.”

NE1469 enters the room. He sends another secret message to Pash on com- link. “I dont know about this Pash. My loyalties are to you because of your father and all he has done for me through out these years. If you feel we need to bail out then screw these guys….we’re gone! Im going to jam this monitor so he has to take us into his sanctum or he will come to us. What do you think?”

Pash was leaning back in the driver’s seat, relaxing and enjoying the quiet. NE1469 spoke across his comm again. Raising the near empty canteen above his head getting a few drops of water. “Sounds good, I’ll keep the engines running….” At that moment, reflections of movement on the shiny surface of the canteen gave away his would-be attackers, their opportunity to get the first hit.

NE1469 is noticing that Pash has not replied to his last com link. He begins to process to himself…“then the obvious choice is to take him alive and restore positive relationship with Master Rutt.” At this time, NE1469 begins the jamming process to interrupt the monitor. Satic begins to errupt from the speaker system….


In my professional British voice, I proclaim to the “eye” who I am and my purpose. “Good Sir, I am protocol droid NE1469 and I was sent to speak with Master Rutt. I assumed that my visit here was pre-announced and the gentleman who are assisting me are to guarantee my safety for the great importance of this message. Please excuse them if they come off brash but their character is of great professionalism. I would greatly appreciate it if we come meet Master Rutt as soon as possible.”

Maximus’s commlink vibrated and came to life as Myxini reported hurry it up LT. 5 minutes and counting on the patrols return if were going to get inside we are gonna have to move it.

“Droids on it…just a couple more minutes.” Turning to the eye " ok how bout you explain to rutt that you felt it was more important to keep us out here baking and keeping him waiting. Im sure he is a very understanding kind of guy… not one to take a droid as yourself and make you into a bantha washer.. the back side."

Special delivery

A droid sentry on the back door, not the best way to start the day. “hey i got the replacement droid you ordered from snatch” Snatch was Maximus pawnshop slash fixer he had been working for as hired muscle for the last 6 months. As long as snatch stayed nervous and didn’t grow a back bone anytime soon this lie would hold. “JJWAGGUHHAATNNAWWWAA”. “Hey i’m just human here..let me get the droid and he can translate alright?” The mechanical eye blinked twice, guess that means yes. Activating his com-link “I need the droid here ASAP, or we are going to have a much bigger problem.” Lucky for all involved the wookie delivered the droid to max. 5 min, only 10 left before the patrol returned. “OK droid convince this thing that you and i are supposed to be here.”

Knock knock

Maximus walks up to the gate which looks like a large freight entrance with no windows. He conveniently waited for the obvious patrol to go by first. He had about 15 minutes before…
A mechanical eye spurted out from a recessed pouch and scanned the human up and down."

Casing the joint

By the time the skiff reached the palace the suns were setting. Maximus motioned for Pash to kill the hover drives and land behind one of the many dunes surrounding the facilities. The droid scanned the area for heat signatures that would indicate a ships presence, but failed to find anything. The quietness and overall lack of calamity, indicated that the Trandoshan had yet to make his move, if he was here at all.

Maximus peered through his binoculars down to the domed fortress. Guards on swoops circled continuously. The Gamorran may have been simple minded, but not when it came to security. Getting in was not going to be easy.


The doors of the inner sanctum of the space station opened with a creak and tear. The fat twi’lek sat up amazingly fast for his size, tossing the green skinned beauty who was on his lap to the floor. In the doorway stood an imposing figure. A red cloaked figure clad in robes and piecemeal armor with a helmet that looked more for show than effectiveness. The silk trappings underneath the cloak highlighted the softer side of her body but the lightsaber hanging from the belt belied a more sinister purpose. The red gave away that she was a personal guard for Darth Wrath.
“You’re late.” The voice behind the mask grated with a mechanical sound.
“How did you get in here?! There are 14 layers of the best security money can buy..” The old twi’lek seemed to be lost in thought calculating the cost. The female warrior seemed unimpressed as she pointed a single finger.
“You promised another working prototype, and you have failed.”
The shysters hands went up as if to protect his neck. “Hold on, hold on. Dont get your cape twisted. I got something better!”
Taking the lid off of a box hereforeto unseen, he waved the intruder closer, showing it off like a gameshow host.
“What is it?” She asked.
“No, no.” Chuckled the Twi’lek. “What ISN’T it?”
He backed up a step. “Do some of that force stuff.” He waved his hands like a magician. Before he could finish his bad charade, a red lightsaber was lit and at his throat. The glow of the saber highlighted the sweat on his brow. His hands went up in a submissive posture. “Easy Sparky. No offense meant. I forgot. Take one to your Master. He’ll know what its worth.” The crimson warrior collapsed the lightsaber and stowed it while directing two droids that had follwed her in to carry out the case.
She followed without a goodbye.
“Frakkin droids.” The fat twi’lek sat back down on his lounge where he was accompanied by several girls.

Garrs palace

Garrs ‘palace’ stood like a tacky jewel hastily placed on a work glove. It was obvious that upon Jabbas death this place doubled in importance, and at risk of putting too fine a point on it, several items from the grounds of Jabbas palace could be found surrounding the shoddy building. Shoddy or not, the security was not lax. From this ridge, Trex could not be seen.

The chase!

“Well done pilot” maximus eyes squint as a thought in the back of his mind tickles so softly. “Your piloting skills remind me of someone”.
Ahhh, let the hunt begin Trex will fail in this leg of his hunt
Then we make an example of him
Tacka I think well let you pull this ones arms off once we catch him. Well be good sport to see a trans loose to a wookie


“Well that took longer then expected.” Pash pulled up behind the group in a skiff. “I would hurry and get on before the owner notices.” EN1469 was already sitting next to Pash, in his robotic voice “I have shotgun.”
As the last group member boarded Pash accelerated the skiff. With his back to everyone, Pash yelled “When we catch up, be ready.”


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