The Chronicles of Bodo: Renegades


First we work on transportation…. droid can you hack and see if there are any shipments going to rutts palace? Or a garbage pick up would be nice… wont get searched


Dam him! He has the jump on us, we will have to move swift. Once Trex reaches the palace he’ll need a couple hours to case the place. That will have to be our window to either neutralize him or get to Ruut first or well be out 300,000 credits and more than likely a bounty on our heads from Teemo


Bastard ass Slaymo! You’ll so pay for this Trex. Swear on the huntmaster that I will get even spat Myxini as the smoke from the scorched vehicles cleared


As Maximus led the way back out into the desert sun, his eyes adjusted slowly and found themselves focusing on an old beat up YT-1300 with the aurebesh script for ‘The Krayt Fang’ written along the front. Its engines roared to life as it lifted into the air. Its external comlink crackled to life.
“The code of the hunt says I cant do anything to another hunter whiteskin, but it assumes I wont play fairly.” With that, the forward mounted laser cannons ripped your collection of vehicles apart, covering you in the pieces of metal.
“See you at the prize!”
And, with much noise and shuttering, he was airborne.


300,000 credits! Count us in said Myxini as he wipes some carbon off his blaster before holstering it and turning to follow Maximus

Bits and bites

Keela stood over the sputtering fiery mess that was her droid. “Crash….” Looking up to takadoka, she made another offer to the wookie. “Take it with you. 10,000 credits if you can get him operational again. Memory intact. He is of… Sentimental value.”

Game on!

Add him to thw corpse list… if the rest of you want to collect a reward come on… otherwise tell temmo i will see him soon

Keelas reply

Keela shook head an laughed. “Have you ever even seen 50,000 credits? Let’s make it simple then. 300,000 credits. Divided anyway you see fit.” Keela cast a stern gaze across the room, settling Myxini. “Master Teemo can be very gracious, but he is not to be trifled with. Fail him and you will wish the Sarlaac was still alive to devour your corpses.”

Myxinis reply

When it became Myxini’s turn to agree to the job his response was as follows. “50,000 credits was good for a easy fast kill, but the real challenge would be to put Ruut in charge and bring back his continued support and alligeance to Teemo and that type o result should be easily worth 100,000 credits for each of us from Teemo. He would get a young strong gamorran in charge who was loyal to Teemo for their continued profits, but simply killing him would only insure that the old gamorran not long for this world will still be in charge and just lead to another strong upstart trying to replace him after we kill Rutt.”. What say you Majordomo wouldn’t Teemo be willing to part with some more credits for a longer lasting outcome? Oh and if we can pull that off then the wookie gets a full share himself to boot."

Take this job and shove it...


Trex spat between his feet and took a slow, painful look around the room.
“I’ll take your money,” he said with his naturally toothy grin,
“But I’ll be frakked if I’m gonna share it with newbies I have to carry on my back!
I’ll be back for the remainder of the reward when I claim this corpse…by MYSELF!”

With a flash of a blaster bolt, Trex fired into the astromech droid destroying it with a cacophony of beeps and whirrs. He spun to leave, leaving all remain silent.

Keela looked up from her arm communicator where she had just finished entering some data.

“Well Maximus…I guess you’d better hurry…this just turned into a competition.”


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