Maximus Darchandrian

The Soldier


Human Hired Gun
6’1" 190 lbs
Dark brown hair


Maximus Darchandrian only son of an Imperial patriotic family from the core worlds joined the Imperial Army when he was 17 years of age after graduating early from military academy. Max completed his basic and officers courses with honors and was given his choice of MOS, he chose recon.

After the first 2 incursions the 3018th division, 11 Brigade, 1st recon company suffered the most casualties in its history. Max was at the lowest he had ever been in his life. His master chief Danzig came to him and explained that men will follow a leader that is seen, and being with his men would change the tide.

The 3rd incursion turned the tide of imperial power. Maximus lead from the front. His soldiers displayed a much greater prowess knowing their commander was just like them and not a chair jocky, he was willing to bleed to accomplish the mission. With better recon, the empire was able to take more worlds with less casualties and capturing more inhabitants for production and agriculture.

With his new leadership style, Maximus also began to see the darker side of conquest, a side his parents never talked about at the dinner table and the cadre you did not question. Growing up seperated from all life forms except human and droid, Maximus was raised to believe that all other creatures of the galaxies where beneath him. Training taught him that the more his assisted in capturing, the safer his and all other core home worlds would be. Now Maximus realized that the other races of the galaxie where just trying to survive and live.

The 21st incursion involved 1st recon to attack and destroy a farming village on the edge of a planet in the Mon Calamari system. A very non strategic village that would have no bearing to the battle or conquest. Max contacted his brigade commander and requested clarification orders. General Issac Von Gross informed the Lt. that the Mon Calamari were weak and should be wiped out of the galaxy. Max argued that this village wouldn’t know a thing if they went and captured the planetary spaceport and manufacturing centers. General Gross in not a calm voice replied “those fish heads refused my terms of their surrender, and now they get to see the price for defying me. You will destroy every last life form in that village and broadcast it or i will let you watch me kill every last man in your company.”

Maximus decided then that no matter the cost, it was time to leave the empire. After giving the order, max hoped a flight out of the system, forced the shuttle to land on Tatooine , killed the crew and destroyed the shuttle.

Max found a local pawn shop owner/fixer performing muscle duties. 6 months into his new job an offer from Teemo the Hut’s majordomo calls with a offer….

Maximus Darchandrian

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